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Mark West is a professional guitarist serving as both an educator and musician in the greater Southern Maine area. Student of the USM School of Music, Mark studied with great guitar masters such as Gary Whitner and Keith Crook. His studies at the University of Southern Maine have included not only guitar mastery, but also music history, music theory, ear training, sight singing, and advanced compositional techniques.

In his instruction, Mark prefers a teaching style that is driven by technique and theory. One of the greatest strengths of the guitar is that it's a transpositional instrument. Understanding of how to use that strength is great achievement and a foundation for success on the instrument. Mindfulness, patience, and professionalism lace the instructional messages inside and outside of the classroom.

Mark plays all genres of music from rock and roll to cocktail jazz. Fluent in finger style, picking, sweeping, and even slide, Mark prides himself on versatility. He has always been eager to learn new techniques or methods to enhance his performance.

Mark has worked in numerous musical theater productions as a member of the band/orchestra. He's performed with such companies as Lakewood Theatre in Madison, Maine; Point Sebago Resort of Sebago, Maine; Windham Center Stage of Windham, Maine; Academy of Developing Artists of Maine in Biddeford; City Theater in Biddeford, Maine; University of New England Players at Bowdoin College, Maine; Snowlion Repertory at Portland Stage, Maine and with the South Portland Players out of South Portland, Maine.

Currently Mark is plays with popular function band Mixology! This group keeps him very active in the local performance music scene. Feel encouraged to review our offerings on our website,
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